10 November 2021

Review: Lord of Maps

Hail friends and well met! It sure has been awhile since I ventured back into the world of blogging and social media, but what better way to jump back in than with a review of one of the coolest pieces I have had the joy of adding to my collection?

I was on Instagram one afternoon several months ago and was intrigued by an advertisement I saw for "Lord of Maps", an account run by Isaac Dushku featuring various maps in the style of JRR Tolkien. As the algorithm would have it, the map that caught my eye was none other than a map of my own home state - New Hampshire. Of course I had to grab one! 

From the minute my order arrived I knew I was going to be impressed. For starters, my map came in the coolest packaging, which I have refused to throw away:

As for the map itself, I was extremely impressed by the attention to detail and the accuracy of the locations. Seeing my hometown as well as all the places in New Hampshire I have visited adapted to the style of Tolkien's own maps of Middle-earth was a real joy. The maps come in two styles - original, which is very crisp and clean, and reminiscent of what you would find in a copy of The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit; and the aged-look style, which is what I imagine Bilbo would have hanging on a wall in Bag End. I ordered the 16x20 map in the aged look style and it ended up perfectly matching the earthy tones of our study:

I chose not to buy the map with frame and have come to regret that decision as finding a suitable frame has been a real challenge. I would highly recommend purchasing with the frame, which amplifies the vintage look of the map and turns it into a real statement piece. 

In addition to the 50 United States, Lord of Maps offers maps of various other countries and regions, including Japan, Africa, England, and even a World Map. You can also find stickers and t-shirts featuring some of these designs.

I will definitely be adding more maps to my collection, and if you're a fan of maps in general or just looking to add something unique to your (or a loved one's) Tolkien collection, you'll definitely want to grab a map or two of your own. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite items in my collection. 

Be sure to check out more of Isaac's work at LordofMaps.com and follow him on Instagram!

14 February 2019

Review: Wisdom of Gandalf Pendant and Aragorn Engagement Ring from Badali Jewelry

Hi everyone! It's been awhile. What better way to return from a wee hiatus than by writing about my favorite people/products?!


The fine folks at Badali Jewelry have done it again. Following the success of their Eowyn Shieldmaiden pendant, they have just released another piece inspired by a character quote - this time by Gandalf, whose wisdom is unmatched. This pendant, available with either a chain or a choker, features what is perhaps his most famous line from The Fellowship of the Ring:

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

Just look at all the little details! 

I opted for the 24" rope chain, as I've never had much luck with chokers or anything that sits too close to the skin on or around my neck/collar. I love how low this hangs down. It makes for a nice statement piece.

If you follow me on any form of social media, you probably know by now that Gandalf is my favorite Tolkien character - so this piece is perfect for someone like me! And perfect for anyone who enjoys wearing their favorite quote. This is such a simple, yet beautifully done piece - just like everything made at Badali.

You can get yours now over at http://badalijewelry.com/wisdom-of-gandalf.html


This one was a gift to myself. I hadn't bought anything in awhile and I had waited so very long for Badali to make their version of the Ring of Barahir. I was devastated after my original one from Noble Collection lost its gem several years ago; and then I realized that Badali would definitely make a better one anyway - and I was right! 

It might be an overreaction to say I want to cry every time I get a new piece in the mail, but it's true. I get goosebumps opening my packages and butterflies in my stomach. My eyes water a little when I see the amazing work of art before my eyes. How they manage to capture the essence of Tolkien's books so perfectly each time never fails to amaze me. 

Check out my photos below and then go grab one for yourself at http://badalijewelry.com/aragorn-ring.html

As you can see, I now have both Aragorn's and Arwen's engagement rings:

Be sure to follow the fine folks of Badali Jewelry on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and show them lots of love!

22 November 2018

New Ring of Barahir from Badali Jewelry

Last night on Instagram and Facebook, the folks at Badali Jewelry finally announced one piece I had long been waiting for: Aragorn's ring, the Ring of Barahir, available with either silver or gold crown.

We can almost envision the moment in the Middle-earth™ year of 2980, when a young Aragorn entered Lórien to meet his beloved Arwen Undómiel™.  Among the majestic trees of Lothlórien, Aragorn™ presented Arwen™ with his family ring, the ring of Barahir, and he pledged to her his love and life.  There, together they swore their loyalty upon the hill of Cerin Amroth.  Over the ages the ring changed hands many times, ultimately ending up in the care of Elrond of Rivendell.  In the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen, Elrond called Aragorn by his true name, Elessar, and delivered unto him the heirlooms of his house:  The Ring of Barahir and Shards of Narsil.

The ring will be available in US sizes 7 to 16 (whole, half, and quarter sizes).

With the holidays coming up - and Badali offering 30% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday with the code BLACKCYBER - now is the perfect opportunity to grab this beautiful piece and maybe even some others you've had your eye on!

For more information, or to grab yours now, visit http://badalijewelry.com/aragorn-ring.html!

28 September 2018

'Lord of the Rings' Gets Rodent Remake

A recent short film by CGMeetup, simply titled 'Mice', pays homage to the Lord of the Rings films using subway mice who find a golden soda cap ring.

It's a cute film and well worth the watch. How many references to Peter Jackson's films can you spot?