03 June 2011

About Me

How old are you? 

Where are you based out of?
I prefer not to disclose a specific location, but I am currently situated in New England (United States).

How did you get into Tolkien?
As a child, I was fond of Brian Jacques' Redwall series; naturally, my mother suggested I try The Hobbit. I borrowed the book from my uncle, who was also a Tolkien fan. I immediately fell in love with Middle-earth, and soon progressed on to reading The Lord of the Rings. 

What other Tolkien books have you read?
I've read everything. Following The Lord of the Rings, I believe my next read was The Silmarillion, then The Lays of Beleriand, Unfinished Tales, and so on. I have an entire bookshelf that is completely devoted to Tolkien: every book in various covers, art books, reference books, and miscellaneous printed objects.  
What is your favourite Tolkien book/story? 
I frequently find myself re-reading The Lays of Beleriand. I love the tale of Beren and LĂșthien. I also loved The Hobbit, and from the Lord of the Rings appendixes, I love The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen. 

Who is your favourite Lord of the Rings character
It's a tie between Faramir, Gandalf, and Samwise Gamgee.

Who is your favourite Hobbit character?
Smaug the Dragon! With Bilbo and Thorin following closely behind. 

If you could live anywhere in Middle-earth, where would it be?
Rohan or Gondor (I'm torn between the two). I tend to think of myself as more of a Rohan chick, but Gondor is just so beautiful.  

If you lived in Middle-earth, what race would you be, and why?
I'm often told that I have an Elven appearance and am similar to them in nature. However, I also value good food, drink, and cheer, so I could also see myself as a Hobbit!

Do you have any LOTR Tattoos? 
I have the Horse of Rohan tattooed on my shoulder blade.  

Have you ever met anyone from the cast of LOTR? 
Billy Boyd and Sean Astin.

If you could meet any other cast member(s), who would it be?
John Rhys-Davies, Sir Ian McKellen, and Christopher Lee.

Craziest or most ridiculous thing you've done as a Tolkien/LOTR fan?
In high school, I was known as "Elf girl" because I would post a ton of pictures on my MySpace or Facebook of myself dressed as Arwen in replica dresses that my mother had sewn for me; I would occasionally point my ears and walk around town dressed as an Elf (in the company of like-minded friends).

What are some interests aside from Tolkien/Lord of the Rings?
I love science fiction (reading and writing). I am a huge Isaac Asimov fan; I was reading his books long before I got into Tolkien, and I'd say he's the one who sparked my interest in reading, writing, and studying science (mainly outer space, robotics, and genetics). I'm also quite fond of action movies, true crime/criminology, video games, cars (especially classics), mythology, philosophy, nature, and collecting things (Tolkien books/games/etc., James Dean/50s memorabilia, Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars, and more).


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  1. You are a very unique and beautiful soul...:)♥

  2. It is always excellent to find another person who really loves Tolkien's work.

    And you really do resemble his description of Arwen and Luthien.

    Question: I've been playing LOTRO for a couple of years on and off. I've had a hard time finding a guild that works for me. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. Pleased to meet you, Scott!

      Are you talking in terms of crafting guilds or kinships? If it's the former, then it's just a matter of preference - which craft do you enjoy more, or which one are you better at?

      But if it's the latter, it depends on which server you typically play on. I've only played on the Vilya and Landroval servers myself, and would have to recommend the Lonely Mountain Band on the Landroval server. They are fantastic for every player, whether you're on 24/7 or just here and there. The people in that group are extremely helpful and kind, and very knowledgeable in regards to Tolkien and Middle-earth.

      I hope that helps a bit; if not, I can ask players on other servers what they would recommend :-)

  3. Oh, it's the latter. I used the wrong term -- sorry about that! I played on WoW for a while and got used to the term.

    I believe I've been playing on Silverlode mostly. Maybe I should try the Lonely Mountain Band on Landroval.

    On an unrelated note -- have you ever listened to "the Tolkien Professor"? I found his stuff a year ago and love it. Thought you might enjoy as well. Podcasts or on iTunes, or available via his website, here: http://www.tolkienprofessor.com/index.html

    1. Okay, that's sort of what I figured, but I didn't want to assume anything! :)

      Yeah; if you're not too committed to Silverlode, I'd recommend switching over to Landroval. It's a very high-volume server, but there's always a lot going on. And I would definitely look into the Lonely Mountain Band. All of my characters belong to their kin!

      I have! I'm actually auditing one of his Mythgard courses this semester - the one on C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien. He is a phenomenal teacher, and I admire his contributions to the Tolkien community.

  4. I may do that.

    Thanks for the suggestions, Britta. I look forward to reading your work on this blog, too. It's inspiring to find someone writing in this kind of detail about Tolkien's books. Almost makes me want to start my own blog (though I'll probably just read yours instead :-) )

    And congrats on the course! I've been enjoying his teaching from afar. To be able to audit the course is a real privilege, I would say.

  5. You're welcome! I hope that whatever you ultimately end up doing, you have a great time with it. And if you're ever on Landroval and need anything, you can reach me in-game via Brittanyia, Bregolad, or Beornara.

    And thank you! It's very encouraging to receive such positive feedback from other Tolkien fans. Should you ever start your own blog, I would certainly read it :-)

    Auditing the course has been a great experience so far. If you ever have a chance to enroll in a future semester, I'd go for it! I'm hoping to take a course for credit one day, but I haven't made it to grad school yet! :P

  6. Hello, i am new to this blog but it is awesome to find someone that shares a passion for Tolkien! I can only hope to have the library of his work as you do. I look foreword to reading new entries here and maybe ill see you on LORTO! @thehobbitibarra