22 June 2011

TTT and the One Migraine to Ruin it all

Last night was the theatrical showing of the Two Towers extended edition. My boyfriend and I opted to get there at 6 this time, rather than 6:35, in the hopes of obtaining slightly better seats. When we arrived, the line for the event was nearly out the door (which, being the Type A compulsive worrier that I am, began to make me feel anxious). As it turned out, the theater had simply kept the auditorium closed until 6:20 or so, which meant that we were actually one of the first to arrive. Therefore, we got much better seats this time around, so all was well.

While it was again by no means a full house, the turnout was slightly bigger than last week's. Conversations about Elves and wizards and dragons filled the auditorium prior to showtime. I wore a tank top so I could show off my horse of Rohan tattoo, and hopefully start conversation with other moviegoers, but such as my luck was, nobody ever seemed to notice. But in all, it was a good group. There was some drama amongst two parties on the other side of the theater, and once the movie began I thought they were going to really get into it.

Then Peter Jackson came on, and his introduction was far better this time around. He spoke for several minutes at least, discussing the filming of the Two Towers, his favourite things about it, etc., etc. This was exactly what I (and presumably so many other fans) had been hoping for.

Again, I don't think I need to go into any great detail about the movie itself. But I will say that having relived the theater experience twice now, I would almost say that I prefer it to home viewing. While I hated sitting in that theater for over three hours, with naught to eat or drink but the few snacks we'd smuggled in, I felt a strong connection between myself and the audience. Everyone laughed at the same parts, and many people even laughed at the made-famous remixed scenes: "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!" and "Po-tay-toes: boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew." Unlike the viewings ten years ago, a majority of these people had already seen the films countless times, and the nostalgia and the passion lingered in the atmosphere.

I also felt a strong connection with the films, as I always have. Having seen all of the behind the scenes features, and knowing what went on during the filming of certain scenes, I constantly found myself remembering things as though I had actually been a part of filming: "I remember in this scene, Viggo Mortensen broke his toe, and the pain was so intense that it related to how Aragorn was feeling," or "I remember when Andy pulled Sean's wig clean off, and Sean was pissed." This happened all throughout the movie, which made it more than just a movie that one might view for pleasure.

We didn't stick around for the credits this time. Despite wanting to once again see the film all the way through and prove my devotion, at around the time of Aragorn and Arwen's dream sequence, I had developed an incredibly painful and unpleasant migraine. I was beyond relieved when the movie had ended; I just wanted to get home and sleep and get rid of the pain.

In all, it was a great event. The Two Towers is such an incredible film. I cannot wait for The Return of the King next week; at the same time, I dread it like I did ten years ago. It's always sad when we come to the end our journey.

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