19 July 2011

365 Days of Middle-Earth ~ Day 19: Varda

Varda (Varda Elentári) was the Queen of the Stars and the spouse of Manwë, King of Arda. She put the stars in the sky before the Valar descended into the world, and with the dews of Telperion she made constellations (the most important one being Valacirca, ‘The Sickle of the Valar.’ The Eldar of Middle-earth held her in great reverence, and called her Elbereth (Sindarin: ‘Star-lady’). She is also said to be the creator of light.

Said to be too beautiful for words, she resided with Manwë in Valinor.

Of all the Valar, Varda is the one Melkor hated and feared the most, because he sought to possess the light which she created, though he failed in this task.


Varda in Quenya means “sublime,” “lofty”, while Elentári means “Star-queen”

Her original title, Tintallë, means ‘the Kindler’ (or star-kindler)

Her Sindarin titles are Elbereth ("Star-queen"), Gilthoniel ("Starkindler") and Fanuilos ("Ever-white")

In Primitive Quenya, she was called Barathī

In Telerin she is called Baradis

In Adûnaic her name was Avradî.

She is also sometimes referred to as The Kindler, Lady of the Stars, Queen of the Stars, or Snow-white, all of which are translations of her Elvish names

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