06 July 2011

365 Days of Middle-Earth ~ Day 6: Crebain

"Not all the birds are to be trusted." -Aragorn

Crebain were a species of large, black crow which inhabited the lands bordering the southern Misty Mountains, Dunland, and Fangorn Forest. Similar to crows and ravens, they possessed some level of intelligence, and were often used as spies or servants by the Enemy. During the War of the Ring, they were frequently used by Sauron and Saruman to search for and gather information about the Ring-bearer.


Singular: craban (“crow”); Sindarin Elvish. 

May have been adopted from Indo-European languages, such as the pre-Germanic form “krabn-“, from which developed into the proto-Germanic “hrabnaz,” which led to the Old High German hraban and the English raven.  

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  1. Crow's are smart and powerful, they have said they were used to help track and find Bin Laden!

    Aragorn was right, unless it is your crow, do not trust it!