27 July 2011

Luke Evans excited about 'Hobbit'; Saoirse Ronan 'disappointed'

Welsh actor Luke Evans recently attended Comic-Con to promote Tarsem Singh's new film 'Immortals.' Now, he's off to New Zealand to begin filming 'The Hobbit,' in which he will be portraying Bard the Bowman.

"It's really big. It's not overwhelming to the point of being terrifying, but it is quite a big thing. I'm about to become part of a piece of cinematic history, whether I like it or not," he said.

Evans also admits to feeling a bit nervous about working on such an "epic" film, adding: "This is a big movie and I'm working with a director that is probably one of the best directors around today. He's the most respected director in the world. He's carrying these two movies and shooting them straight after each other. It's taking him two years to shoot. The whole thing is epic, and I'm going to be part of it. I'm really excited. I can't wait."

Meanwhile, Saoirse Ronan is still "really disappointed" over having to turn down a role in 'The Hobbit,' and missing an opportunity to work with director Peter Jackson again.

"I'm really disappointed that I couldn't do it," she said. "I really am. Any excuse for me to go back to New Zealand, and work with those people I'd take. But there are other projects as well that I've had to consider - and to do that for over a year, it wouldn't have left me time to do anything else."

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