30 July 2011

Luke Evans Auditioned Online for 'The Hobbit'

"I auditioned for [The Hobbit] like a year ago," Luke Evans said. "It's amazing. Things happen like that sometimes on movies. Projects happen or they get stopped. As you know, 'The Hobbit's' had a lot of hurdles to jump before it started production. So yeah, I auditioned for it a year ago and never heard a single thing back."

Luke Evans did eventually hear back, but despite being cast as Bard the Bowman, he has not actually worked with - or even met - director Peter Jackson yet.

"I've heard just wonderful things about the whole process with Peter and Phillipa and I know a few of the actors in the movie and Orlando [Bloom] has always said wonderful things about him and the experience he had on 'Lord of the Rings' so I can't wait," he said. "It's just lovely to be a part of something that's just a little bit of cinematic history."

While he says he's physically prepared to take on the role - and is especially keen on honing his archery skills - Evans admits he knows about as much as fans do, due to the fact that he has not yet begun filming.

"As the weeks have gone by I've sort of been able to settle in the film I'm doing right now, I've been able to see the amazing video blogs that he's done which are fantastic and I think it's genius that he's doing them because they're really, really insightful and it gives the fans and anybody, everybody, a little taste of the enormity of this project. So that's about as much as I know."

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