10 July 2011

Peter Jackson Searches for New 'Hobbit' Locations

Sir Peter Jackson's Gulfstream jet at a Queenstown airport

'Hobbit' director Sir Peter Jackson and his production crew have recently been touring New Zealand's South Island, seeking out new locations to be transformed into Middle-earth.

'The Hobbit' is currently seeing a break from filming to allow cast and crew members some time to rest.

“Everywhere you turn, on people's backs was ‘200 days to go’," says Jackson, "and it was like, ‘oh god, I felt tired before lunch’, you know?

"I always just tell people I get exhausted at the end of the first couple of days and stay exhausted until it finishes.”

The break will also allow Jackson and his team more time to scout out new locations. As the second official production video, recently posted on his Facebook page, points out, Jackson and his team are now relying on helicopters to carry them across the New Zealand landscape.

“I think people think it's such a small country, and Lord of the Rings we saw so much of it that we must have seen everything,” says Jackson . “But believe me, we haven't. There's a huge amount of wonderful locations still to come.”

The production team is also planning to head for the Mackenzie Country, areas near Mount Cook and Queenstown, and, for the first time, Dunedin.

The cast and crew will be back to work on 'The Hobbit' films in early September, with the first of the two-part film adaptation being released in theaters in December of next year.

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