08 July 2011

War In the North: Pre-order and Collector's Edition Announced

For those of you itching to get your hands on Lord of the Rings: War in the North when it comes out this fall, you may want to consider either pre-ordering your game, or purchasing the collector's edition.

The collector's edition includes the full game, a Ranger of the North quiver case, a War in the North art book containing concept art and other drawings, and three songs from the game's soundtrack. Players who buy the xBox 360 version will get a Ranger of the North avatar, while those who purchase the PSN version will receive a War of the North theme pack.

Pre-ordering the game on Amazon will allow you early access to part two of the digital comic. Those who pre-order through Best Buy will receive the Elf Theme Pack, which includes an elven sword, armour and helmet, and access to the Lothlórien challenge map. Pre-order through GameStop to receive the Human Theme Pack, which offers human weapons and armour, and access to the Osgiliath challenge map. Those who buy through Target will get three songs from the soundtrack, Toys R Us buyers will receive a limited edition signed War in the North poster by Jim Lee, and finally, Wal Mart buyers will receive the Dwarf Theme Pack, which includes Dwarf armour, a helmet, and sword.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Collector's Edition will retail for about $129.99, while the standard version will cost about $59.99 when it hits stores this fall.

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