03 August 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 34: Tulkas

Tulkas, Champion of the Valar, was said to be the greatest in strength and was tireless in battle; hence his surname Astaldo, which means “the Valiant.” The husband of Nessa, he was known as being slow to anger, and also slow to forget. Appearance wise, he is described in The Silmarillion as having ruddy flesh and golden hair and beard. 

Tulkas was the last of the Valar to enter Arda. He came to the aid of the other Powers in their battles against Melkor. Melkor fled before him, and the Spring of Arda began. Tulkas wedded Nessa in a great feast after the Two Lamps were erected and the Valar set up their dwelling at Almaren. As he slept, Melkor decided that the time for retaliation had come. Following Melkor’s imprisonment, Tulkas was in opposition to his release.


Tulkas is Quenya for “strong, steadfast.”

It comes from the Valarin Tulukastāz (stem Tulkass-).

In Noldorin, his name is Tulcus.

In Eriol’s Old English, Tulkas is referred to as Afodfrea (“Strength-ruler”).

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