20 August 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 51: Thangorodrim

Ted Nasmith's depiction of Maedhros' rescue from Thangorodrim
S. ‘Mountains of Tyranny’

Thangorodrim was the name of the three-peaked mountain above the Gates of Angband, raised from the Iron Mountains by Morgoth following the theft of the Silmarils and his return to Middle-earth.

It was made of slag and refuse from the delving of Angband, but was also volcanic, emitting smoke, lava, and foul vapours.

Thangorodrim was destroyed in the Great Battle (also known as the War of Wrath) of the First Age, when Ancalagon the Black fell upon it. Its destruction was one of the major causes leading to the ruin of Beleriand.


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