12 August 2011

This Week's Spotlight (Follow Friday)

I had been brainstorming for some time now on what else to include on my blog beyond 'Hobbit' news and '365 Days of Middle-earth,' and having just finished all of my FF ('Follow Friday' for any non-Twitterers reading this) shout outs on Twitter, I decided: Why not do the same on here too? Each week, I will post a little blurb on some Tolkien-related person, group, or resource to help get the word out about some awesome up-and-coming groups or preexisting ones. I'll begin this week, and continue every Friday hereafter.

So the first person/group to receive a shout out on here will be Patrick Spadaccino.

I know I've already posted several entries on him and his campaign, but with the incoming news of a casting call for Elves, it seems perfect timing to remind you all of his dream to be in the 'Hobbit' films in whatever way possible.

Patrick is a graphic designer from Connecticut who created a website filled with audition videos and photos depicting him as an Orc and reciting well-known lines from the Lord of the Rings films. Patrick, a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, would love the opportunity to be in the 'Hobbit,' no matter how great or small the role.

You may also notice that my blog has been looking exceptionally spiffy lately - much better than the purple and black theme I started out with. This is all thanks to Patrick, who so generously helped me redesign my blog and even gave me several amazing new graphics to play around with.

For more information on Patrick and his quest, visit:



  1. Thank you so much, Britta! You are a tireless friend and supporter, and your efforts on my behalf are a great blessing! :)

  2. what a lovely idea :) really enjoying your 365 days series by the way :)

  3. Thank you! That's very encouraging to hear :-)