11 September 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 73: the Harfoots

Harfoots were the most common of the three branches of Hobbits. In their earlier history, the Harfoots lived in the Vale of Anduin, in the lower foothills of the Misty Mountains. They were the first branch to cross westward into Eriador.  

They were, according to Tolkien, “the most normal and representative variety of Hobbit,” and the clan most inclined to settle in one place. They favoured highlands and hillsides, and upheld the tradition of living underground longer than the other two branches; the holes in which they lived were called Smials.
In terms of appearance, they were browner, shorter, and smaller than the Stoors or the Fallohides. Additionally, they were friendlier with Dwarves than with other Hobbits. Most Shire-Hobbits were of the Harfoot branch. When they were later joined by Stoors and Fallohides, they accepted the latter (who were a much bolder race of Hobbits) as their leaders.


  1. Damn those Fallohides. The Harfoots should bow to noone!

  2. Sounds like the Harfoots were the bolder portion Of Hobbits due to their will to venture outside the Shire and associate with Dwarves.