14 September 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 76: the Vanyar

Q. ‘Fair-Elves’

The Vanyar were the First Kindred of the Eldar, the Highest of all High-elves. They were the most beloved of the Valar, and also the least numerous of the Three Kindreds. Unlike the other Elves, their hair was golden; thus, they were also called Fair Elves and the Light-Elves.

Led by Ingwë, the Vanyar were the first to make the Great Journey from Cuiviénen to Aman; they did not tarry in the mortal lands, for they were compelled by the vision of Aman to come to the Uttermost West as quickly as possible. They never returned to Middle-earth, save on one occasion, where they came as warriors of the Host of Valinor to enforce final justice on Melkor. After an Age, they forsook their home in Tirion, desiring to be closer to the Light of the Trees; and so they migrated into Valinor.

Only a few of the Vanyar are mentioned by name:

Ingwë – their King and Lord, who dwelt atop Oiolossë (Taniquetil) with Manwë
Indis – the second wife of Finwë

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