18 September 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 80: Yellowskin (The Year-Book of Tuckborough)

The Year-book of Tuckborough (also known as the Great Writ of Tuckborough) was a large bound volume kept by the Tooks, containing the Annals of the Took clan – including Took births, marriages, death, land sales, and various other Shire events. It was begun in TA 2000 (about 400 Shire Reckoning) – before the building of the Great Smials – and many of its dates were later cited in the Red Book of Westmarch. At the end of the Third Age, Yellowskin was the most ancient document in the Shire. Given its namesake, which may have been a literal description of the book, it was likely either extremely aged or perhaps written on yellow-coloured pieces of parchment.

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