29 September 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 91: Eilinel

Eilinel (also known as Eilinel the White) was the wife of Gorlim the Unhappy. Little is known about her, save that she was fair and gentle, and greatly beloved by her husband. While Gorlim was away at war, their house was ransacked and destroyed, and upon his return, Gorlim found no trace of Eilinel. Unwilling to believe that she was dead, he repeatedly returned to their home to search for her; one night, when Gorlim returned to his home, he found his wife calling out to him; but before he could reach her, she was taken away by Orcs, and Gorlim himself was captured by Sauron and tortured mercilessly until he would betray Barahir. Believing that his compliance would reunite him with his wife (while unaware that she was dead, and that the woman calling out to him was merely a phantom), Gorlim betrayed Barahir, only to learn of Sauron’s treachery and deceit. Sauron, keeping true to his word, slew Gorlim, thus reuniting him with his beloved wife.  


  1. Ah, l 'amour. The snarky part of me thinks you should have saved this one for Valentine's Day. :)

  2. Oh, you're right - that would have been a perfect Valentine's Day entry! :)