30 September 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 92: Berúthiel

Berúthiel was a Queen of Gondor, and the wife of Tarannon Falastur. Of Black Númenorean origin, she was a solitary and misanthropic woman, and as such, she and Tarannon had no children. Additionally, she dressed in dark clothing, hated colour and elaborateness, and was known to have decorated the courtyard outside her home with strange sculptures, while leaving the inside of her home bare. 

Though she had no children, Queen Berúthiel attracted the attention of several cats (nine black and one white); though she despised them, and was also said to have tortured them, she eventually took advantage of their attraction to her, enslaving them and training them to spy on the people of Gondor. Her deeds were so cruel that Tarannon had her name removed from the Book of Kings and cast her out into the Great Sea with her cats. Whether she survived or not is unclear, though her legacy lived on into the time of the War of the Ring, as Aragorn made a reference to her cats while the Fellowship navigated their way through the Mines of Moria.


From the Sindarin: bereth ‘queen,’ rúth ‘anger,’ and the suffix -iel ‘female’

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