19 September 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth: Tolkien Week and Hobbit Day

In observance of Tolkien Week and Hobbit Day, this week’s “365 Days of Middle-earth” will feature entries appropriate for the occasion – we are celebrating the birthdays of our Hobbit and Lord of the Rings protagonists, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, respectively, and also Frodo’s inheritance of the Ring of Power and the beginning of his perilous quest to Mordor. 

Now, I’m trying to keep them in some sort of seemingly logical order; whether or not that will remain so as the week progresses remains to be seen. Certainly, it might make sense to some to save the entries on Bilbo and Frodo until on or right around the 22nd; instead, I feel it makes just as much sense – if not, more – to spend the beginning of the week covering any pertinent background information, all of which will lead up to the week’s final entries.  


  1. Do you think we can get this trending on Twitter? Sure would be nice...

  2. I certainly hope so! I know I'll be sure to use hashtags as frequently as possible.

  3. Definitely trending material imo.