12 October 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 104: Gwindor

Túrin bears Gwindor to safety; Ted Nasmith

Gwindor, the elder son of Guilin and brother of Gelmir, was a Noldorin prince and a war-leader of the city of Nargothrond. Hoping to avenge his brother (who had been slain before his own eyes), Gwindor led a small company of Elves in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad; though he made it through the Stairs of Angband, he was captured and imprisoned for fourteen years. 

During this time, his body became physically weakened; his spirit, however, remained strong. He managed to escape from Angband, and later came into Dorthonion, allying himself with Beleg Cúthalion. Together they rescued Túrin Turambar, who had been captured by Orcs. 

Gwindor later took Túrin to Nargothrond, where he found his new companion was met with much honour and praise; Túrin even became a renowned war-leader of the city, taking the position that Gwindor had once held. To Gwindor’s dismay, even his once beloved, Finduilas, daughter of Orodreth, now welcomed Túrin into her heart, though he never openly opposed their romance. 

On the fields of Tumladen during the Battle of Tumhalad, Gwindor fought his last battle and perished in the arms of Túrin (FA 496). Shortly afterwards, Finduilas, who had been captured by Orcs, perished herself; yet Túrin, bearer of the Curse of the Children of Húrin, managed to escape.

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