14 October 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 106: Kheled-zâram (Mirrormere)

Kheled-Zâram* (Khuzdul: ‘Glass-lake’), also known as the Mirrormere, was a lake in the Vale of Azanulbizar. Shaped like a spear-head, it was one of the Dwarves’ most sacred places, for it was here that Durin the Deathless, the oldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves, beheld during the First Age the reflection of Seven Stars which would later be known as Durin’s Crown (Valacirca to the Elves). This vision represented Durin’s royalty, and it was taken as a sign that the Dwarves should settle there, founding the great kingdom known as Khazâd-dûm (Moria). While the stars could be seen at any time of day or night, only Durin could see his own reflection in the water.

* Also spelled Kheledzâram.

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  1. That's so crazy that Durin was the only one that could see his reflection in the water. Tolkien is unbelievable, Godly imagination.