15 October 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 107: Bregalad (Quickbeam)

Bregalad was an Ent of Fangorn Forest, resembling the rowan trees he cared for. He was considered to be "middle aged" during the War of the Ring, though still an adult (as there had been no Entings since the disappearance of the Entwives). During the Entmoot of TA 3019, he entertained the Hobbits Merry and Pippin; he had already made up his mind regarding the course of action to take against Saruman, who had destroyed all his rowan trees. For his quickness in thought and action (he was quicker than most Ents, having answered ‘Yes’ to a question before an elder Ent had even finished asking it), he was called Quickbeam. He played a crucial role in the attack on Isengard, nearly capturing Saruman himself.

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  1. It seems that a lot of characters were left out of the movie, this Ent sounds like he did quite a bit during the assault on Isengard.