22 October 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 114: Daeron

Daeron was a Grey-elf and minstrel of King Thingol of Doriath during the First Age of Middle-earth. He loved Thingol’s daughter, Lúthien, and twice betrayed her and Beren (a mortal) to her father. When Lúthien disappeared after escaping from Hírilorn, Daeron went off in search of her, ending up in the Eastern part of Middle-earth, where he lamented his loss and eventually passed out of the memory of the Elves. 

He is credited with the systemising and re-ordering of the Grey-elven runic alphabet (the certhas); his runes may have been the oldest known form of common writing originating in Middle-earth. He was also the greatest minstrel to live East of the Sea, as his compositions had been inspired by the beauty of Lúthien.

Names and Etymology

In his native dialect (a dialect of Sindarin called Doriathrin), Daeron was called Dairon, which is derived from dair/daer, meaning "shadow of trees"

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