30 October 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 122: Lossoth

A Lossoth, as depicted in LOTRO
The Lossoth (known in Westron as the Snowmen) were a primitive group of Men, descendants of the Forodwaith. They were noted in the Red Book as being a strange and unfriendly group of men. During the Third Age, they dwelt in Forochel on the shores of the Ice Bay, constructing houses out of snow and traveling via sleds and bones which they attached to their feet.

When King Arvedui fled to Forochel after the fall of Arthedain in TA 1974, the Lossoth aided him and his men; Arvedui rewarded their kindness with the Ring of Barahir. When an elf-ship came to rescue Arvedui, the Lossoth, sensing an impending danger, warned him not to get on; he did not heed their advice, and his ship was overtaken by a great storm, and he perished in the icy waters.

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