05 October 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 97: Maglor

Maglor casts the Silmaril into the Sea; Ted Nasmith
Maglor, a Noldorin Elf, was one of the seven sons of Fëanor. After the minstrel Daeron, he was the greatest singer of the Eldar in Middle-earth, composing the Noldolantë. Though he was said to have inherited his mother’s gentle temperament, he took up the Oath of Fëanor with his father and brothers, vowing to reclaim the stolen Silmarils and slay anyone who withheld them. 

After taking part in the First Kinslaying, he came under the Curse of Mandos, and was exiled to Middle-earth. He settled at Maglor’s Gap, located between Himring and Ered Luin. During the Dagor Bragollach, the Gap was overrun, and Maglor fled to Maedhros; during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, he slew Ulderling, and fostered the Sons of Elrond after the Sack of the Havens of Sirion. 

Following the Great Battle, he tried to withdraw from his Oath, but was persuaded by his brother Maedhros to steal the Silmarils. He found that as a result of the ill deeds he had committed in his quest, he could not touch the Jewel. He cast it into the Sea and spent the remainder of his life lamenting his pain and regret, until fading from memory.


  1. Now, what really happened to Maglor? His older brother Maedhros (the two of them being the best of the sons of Feanor) jumped into a volcano and so perished; but Maglor was an Elf too and wouldn't die naturally no matter how long he lived. All it says is that "he came never back among the people of the Elves." He and Daeron were considered the greatest singers of the Elves, and Daeron too disappeared without being known to die.

  2. How about this? I believe Christopher Tolkien had some indications that at the Dagor Dagorath, Morgoth will return and destroy the Sun and Moon. Turin Turambar will also return and slay both Morgoth and Ancalagon the Black. We know that the three Silmarils will be reunited to revive the two Trees again. Perhaps Maedhros will return to restore one of them and Maglor will recover the other from the sea, and then Maglor and Daeron will lead the Elves in the Second Music of the Ainur.

  3. Right; and that's what I meant by "the remainder of his life" - what is recorded of it, that is. After he fades out of memory and out of historical records, his ultimate fate is unknown, though I do believe it likely that he never found death.

    Perhaps I should instead have said something more along the lines of "after he cast the Jewel into the Sea, he forever roamed along its shores, lamenting his pain and regret" just so there was no confusion regarding his fate.