06 October 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 98: Baldor

Baldor (also known as Baldor the Hapless) was the eldest son of Brego, the second King of Rohan. He was known for rashness, and during a feast to celebrate the completion of Meduseld, he vowed in front of an assembly of Rohirrim that he would walk the Paths of the Dead. Passing through the Dark Door of Dunharrow, he was never again seen by any of the men of Rohan; his father died of grief a year later, in TA 2571, leaving his brother, Aldor, to rule in his stead. His body was later found by the Grey Company during the War of the Ring: his legs were broken, and there were finger marks on a stone door which he had presumably died trying to open.


  1. He had it made in Rohan, why leave?

  2. Unfortunately, his pride got the better of him.