01 November 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 124: the Four Farthings of the Shire

Northfarthing – The Northfarthing (also spelled North Farthing) was noted for its farms and moorland; much of the barley for Shire’s beer was grown here. It was also the only farthing in which snowfall was common. Some notable locations in the Northfarthing include: Long Cleeve, the village of Hardbottle, and the Bindbole Wood. Additionally, the Battle of Greenfields took place in the Northfarthing.

Eastfarthing – The Eastfarthing, on the border of Buckland, was home to inhabitants of a strong Stoorish strain. Notable locations include: the Marish, Stock, and Scary.

Southfarthing – The Southfarthing was the warmest and southernmost of the Four Farthings; because of its warm climate, the best pipe-weed was grown here. The Southfarthing was also the first area to fall under control of Lotho Sackville-Baggins.  

Westfarthing – Notable locations in the Westfarthing include: Michel Delving, the ‘capital’ of the Shire, Hobbiton, and Bywater. The Free Fair was also held in this farthing.

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