06 November 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 129: Ent-draught

Pippin with Ent-draught in the films
Ent-draught was an invigorating drink brewed from the springs of the river Entwash, located near the mountain of Methedras. There were two kinds of Ent-draughts: one which was refreshing, and one which was nourishing. Merry and Pippin were given these drinks by Treebeard; their wounds were healed, they felt refreshed, and both became uncommonly tall as a result – so tall, in fact, that they may have even surpassed Bandobras Took, the tallest recorded hobbit (4’5”).

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  1. I must have drunk many such ent-draughts, since I have furry feet and I am 6'3"! :)