21 November 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 144: Oromë

Oromë (Q. ‘horn-blowing’) was the Huntsman of the Valar, and the spouse of Vána. He was one of the Aratar, the eight greatest of the Valar. In Sindarin Elvish, he is called Araw, while in the Northern Mannish tongues he is known as Béma. For his love of trees, he is also known as Aldaron and Tauron. His horn, which could be heard above all others, was the Valaróma. 

It was said that he stocked Middle-earth with all kinds of noble creatures suitable for chase. The royal horses of Rohan, known as the Mearas, were said to have descended from creatures brought by Araw from ‘West-over-Sea,’ as well as the beasts known as the Kine of Araw

In Middle-earth, he hunted the monsters of Melkor on his steed, Nahar. On one of these outings, he discovered the Elves, whom he led on the Great Journey.

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