24 November 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 147: Noegyth Nibin

The Noegyth Nibin (S. ‘Lesser [petty]-Dwarves’) was a group of Dwarves who had been exiled from their homes during the Peace of Arda, and were the first Dwarves to enter Beleriand. 

Their stunted appearance and harsh speech made them strange and unlikable to the Sindar and Green-Elves inhabiting Beleriand; the Elves, who saw them as pests, persecuted them and hunted them for sport, driving the Dwarves into hiding.  

The Noegyth Nibin made their dwellings at Amon Rûdh and Nulukkizdîn (Nargothrond). After other Dwarves began appearing in East Beleriand, the Elves began to cease their persecution – but by then, the Noegyth Nibin’s numbers had dwindled, and by the 5th Century (FA), only Mîm and his two sons remained of that group.

When Túrin and his men attacked the remaining Noegyth Nibin, believing them to be Orcs or small animals, one of Mîm’s sons was slain by an arrow; the other was later slain by Orcs. Mîm, then the last of his race, was slain by Húrin of Dor-lómin.

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