27 November 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 150: Eithel Ivrin

Eithel Ivrin (also called the Falls of Ivrin and the Pools of Ivrin) was a spring located at the foot of the Ered Wethrin (Shadowy Mountains) in West Beleriand, and the source of the River Narog.

Guarded by Ulmo, the pools were filled with beautiful and pure water. It was here that the Mereth Aderthad (Feast of Reuniting) was held by the Eldar and Sindar Elves, and it was also here that Gwindor brought Túrin after he mistakenly slew his friend Beleg; the purity of the waters healed him of the madness brought about by his grief. The pools were later defiled by Glaurung as he passed through them on his way to Nargothrond, and after the War of Wrath, they were destroyed completely.

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