04 November 2011

Microlodge Ordered to Stop Using the Word ‘Hobbit’

Photo Source: The Courier

Microlodge has been making holiday homes – timber pods that are fully equipped with electricity and used by those who desire to camp in comfort – for three years. These rounded pods were nicknamed hobbit houses by customers, as they bear some resemblance; however, the firm now faces the threat of legal action if they continue to use the word ‘hobbit’ in conjunction with their homes. 

Lawyers on behalf of American film producer Saul Zaentz, who produced the Lord of the Rings and will now be producing The Hobbit, ordered Millar to remove the word ‘hobbit’ from the firm’s website.

Steve Millar, the boss of Microlodge, referred to the threat as an overreaction, though he has complied and taken the name ‘hobbit’ out of his homes. Renaming his cat Gandalf in order to spite those in opposition, he added: “I'll sign their letter and I'll say sorry but people will still call them hobbit houses.”


  1. Sadly, this is what happens when rights are acquired. Not in the spirit of Tolkien.

  2. I know; it's a shame, really. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with the nicknames these homes have been given.

  3. Saul Zaentz and his troop of lawyers need to relax! Besides, Zaentz has little creative to do with Tolkien-related productions. He's a parasite on Tolkien's creativity.