28 November 2011

New Photos from the 'Hobbit' Set

Source: Ain't It Cool News

Quint from Ain’t It Cool News has just posted his fourth update from the set of The Hobbit, titled: A “Palaver of Istari.” Having left Hobbiton (located in Matamata), this report comes from the small town of Te Kuiti, where the cast and crew are filming scenes in the Trollshaws in Middle-earth.  
In this update, we get our first glimpse at Sting, the Elven blade found by Bilbo, which he later passes on to his heir, Frodo, in The Lord of the Rings. We get to see "Tall Paul" Randall, Sir Ian McKellen’s stand-in, and the Dwarf Bombur, played by Stephen Hunter. And we also get our first glimpse of  Radagast (played by Sylvester McCoy), who shares a scene with Gandalf. 

“Based on what I’ve seen over the last few weeks I think it’s going to be a toss up between Bombur and Radagast on who will steal the movie,” Quint reports. “Bombur is just so loveable and funny and Radagast is ridiculously endearing, an absent-minded St. Francis of Assisi.”

You can read Quint’s full report (which contains some spoilers) here.

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