10 November 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 133: Radagast the Brown

Radagast the Brown (Q. ‘Tender of Beasts’) was one of the Five Wizards (of the Order of Istari) sent to Middle-earth. In Valinor, his original name was Aiwendil (‘bird-friend’), as he was friend to both birds and beasts. In Middle-earth he was charged with the aiding of Men and Elves against the threat of Sauron. However, upon arriving in Middle-earth, Radagast found that he preferred the company of animals to that of those whom he was supposed to aid; thus, he did not fully achieve what he had been sent to Middle-earth to do. His home was Rhosgobel, located near the southern borders of Mirkwood, and very close to Dol Guldur. 

Radagast played little part in the War of the Ring, beyond sending the eagle Gwaihir to Orthanc and unwittingly aiding Gandalf’s escape. 

After the Fall of Sauron, Radagast’s fate is unknown. While he ultimately failed in his mission, he was not said to have been banned from returning to Aman.

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