07 December 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 160: the War of Wrath

The War of Wrath by Perkan Pickman

The Great Battle (also called the War of Wrath) was the second Battle of the Powers, fought between the Host of Valinor and the forces of Morgoth (Orcs, Balrogs, winged dragons, and Easterlings), and the great conflict which ended the First Age.

The Battle

Following Eärendil’s plea for aid from the Valar, they, moved by his words, agreed to send a force into Middle-earth. With the Vanyar and Noldor in Valinor, they rode in the ships of the Teleri, arriving in Middle-earth in a mighty host. Marching across Beleriand, they met the forces of Morgoth on the plains of Anfauglith.

A great battle ensued, and the mighty Valar destroyed nearly all of Morgoth’s forces. Nearing defeat, Morgoth unleashed his deadliest weapon which had never been seen before: winged dragons. As they began to drive the Valar back, Eärendil came in on his sky-ship Vingilot, followed by the Eagles of Manwë (led by Thorondor). They fought and slew most of the dragons; Eärendil slew Ancalagon the Black, captain of the dragons, and when the dragon fell, he broke the towers of Thangorodrim.  


All of Morgoth’s forces were destroyed in the Great Battle, and Morgoth was himself captured and bound again with his old chain Angainor. The Silmarils in his possession were taken by the Maia Eönwë and closely guarded; Morgoth’s crown was beaten into a collar. He was thrust by the Valar into the Timeless Void, the doors of which are forever guarded by Ëarendil.

Though Morgoth had at last been defeated, Beleriand and the lands to the north were also destroyed and sunk beneath the waves of Belegaer.

Ëonwë bid the remaining Elves to return with him to Aman; most went into the West, while others refused and journeyed eastward, many of them eventually becoming those known as the Silvan Elves (among these Elves were Galadriel, Celeborn, and Elrond).

The Men of the Edain who had fought for the Host of the Valar were granted the land of Númenor.  


  1. Great post! There was heated debate during The Silmarillion Seminar as to whether the Valar actually partook in the battle, or merely sent in the troops. I lean towards the latter, but there is good argument for both views.

  2. The thought of this battle done live-action by PJ has always been too incredible for my imagination to handle.

    Well, a guy can dream.