10 December 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 163: Lorgan

Lorgan was an Easterling chieftain in alliance with Morgoth. After the Dark Lord’s victory in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the land of Dor-lómin was taken by Lorgan (now calling himself the Lord of Hithlum) and his people. When a small group of Elves who had been hiding in the caves of Androth tried to escape, Lorgan and an army of Orcs and Easterlings attacked them, capturing Tuor, son of Rían and Huor.

Tuor became Lorgan’s slave; he was treated even more cruelly than the other slaves, as Lorgan’s goal was to break him. After three years of servitude, Tuor managed to escape. He later returned to launch a sneak attack on the Easterlings. Lorgan then put a price on Tuor’s head, but for four years, Tuor eluded him until leaving Hithlum for Gondolin.

When Morgoth released Húrin after twenty eight years in captivity, pretending that it was done out of pity, the people of Hithlum believed Húrin to be in league with the Dark Lord. While he was allowed to roam freely about the land, his bitterness grew, and he acquired a small following. Húrin, deciding to leave Hitlum with his seven followers, marched to the halls of Lorgan to announce his departure. Lorgan, knowing sensing the purpose behind Morgoth’s release of Húrin, prevented his men from drawing their swords on him, and allowed him to go free.  

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