13 December 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 166: Yavanna

Yavanna (Q. ‘Fruit-gift,’ ‘giver of fruits’), the elder sister of Vána and the spouse of Aulë, is the second greatest of the Valier (the first being Varda). Her fana (­or veil) is tall and dressed in green, though she occasionally appears as a tree. Her surname is Kementári, or Queen of the Earth.

It was she who planted the first seeds of all the plants in Arda, the Olvar, as well as the animals, or Kelvar; her greatest creations were the Two Trees, which she sang into being after the destruction of the Two Lamps. Her gardens in Valinor were the source of miruvórë, a cordial or nectar of the Valar.

In the early days of Arda, she often visited Middle-earth.  To protect her trees in Middle-earth from the newly created Dwarves, she prayed to Ilúvatar, who created the Onodrim (Ents) in response.

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  1. Hm, I thought the Ents were created before the dwarves. Guess not.