22 December 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 175: Nogrod

Nogrod (S. ‘Dwarf dwelling’; Khuzdul: Tumunzahar) was a Dwarf city located in the Ered Luin south of Mount Dolmed. The Dwarves here traded frequently in Beleriand, where they were also employed by the Elves (it is likely that they delved the city of Nargothrond). Their craftsmen were renowned for their skill in the forging of weapons, but one of their greatest creations was the Nauglamír.

Thingol asked for the Silmaril to be set in the Nauglamír, but the Dwarves coveted the jewel, and killed Thingol and stole the necklace. These Dwarves were later caught and killed; in retaliation, an army from Nogrod sacked Menegroth. This army was ambushed on their return and slain by Beren, Dior, the Laiquendi, and the Ents.

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