25 December 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 178: Lammoth

Lammoth (also called the Great Echo) is an area of wasteland located to the north of Drengist, between Ered Lómin and the Sea. It was here that Ungoliant and Morgoth fought over the Silmarils, and where Morgoth let out a great cry and summoned the Balrogs to aid him. So loud was his call that from then on, the echoes of his voice remained.


  1. Happy last new year before the Mayan apocalypse :p

    But seriously, hope all is well.

  2. Now that the holidays are over and I can get back to work, all is well again! Hope you had a happy new year! At least we'll get to see the first Hobbit movie before the Apocalypse :P

  3. Yep, thank you, I did.

    And amen to that. But hey, we know that if there's anything that can stop the end of the world, it's a halfling.