12 December 2011

Fans' Reactions to Hobbit Trailer

Two days ago, audiences at the Butt-Numb-A-Thon geek film festival in Texas were shown the teaser trailer for The Hobbit, and Twitter has been buzzing with fan reactions ever since.

The trailer, originally set to hit U.S. theaters this Christmas with the release of The Adventures of Tintin, was presented by Elijah Wood and Eric Vespe (“Quint” from Ain’t It Cool News), who has been reporting from the set of The Hobbit for the past few months.

While Vespe could not physically attend the film festival, he did send along a video of messages from the set of The Hobbit. Jordan Hoffman of IFC News wrote that, “Sir Ian McKellan appeared in costume as Gandalf the Grey and, through the magic of cinema (and some pyrotechnics in the theater) Vespe appeared in the flesh,” and that, “As a gag, he handed the hard drive containing the trailer to frequent BNAT attendee Elijah Wood to bring to the projection room, adding, "keep it secret, keep it safe."”

Hoffman also added that, “Hearing the music and seeing The Shire I was surprised at the flood of emotions that hit me. It was like seeing old friends. (And something to look out for: a band of Dwarves sing. It's a thing of beauty.)”

TheOneRing.net described the trailer as, “pretty much the Holy Grail for HOBBIT fans who have waited a decade to see a first glimpse of Peter Jackson’s return to Middle-earth.”

Those who had seen the trailer were asked not to go into specific detail about what they had seen. One staff member from AICN, Nordling, commented on the nature of the trailer, stating that “it’s more character-based than epic, but it’s like slipping into a warm embrace from a very old friend that you haven’t seen in many years.”

Many fans are speculating that the teaser for The Hobbit may also be attached to the upcoming Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, another Warner Bros. production. Thankfully, with Christmas fast approaching, the wait for the unveiling of The Hobbit teaser is also drawing to a close.

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