02 January 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 186: the Houses of Healing

The hospital facility in Minas Tirith, known as the Houses of Healing, was located in the southeastern part of the sixth level of the city and consisted of several houses, each with a number of rooms.

Following the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, many of the wounded were brought to the Houses of Healing to be cared for by the healers and herb-masters. When Aragorn sought Athelas to help heal the wounded – among them Faramir, Éowyn, and Merry – he found that the plant was not kept in the Houses, as its healing properties were then unknown. When at last the plant was found and brought to him, Aragorn used it to heal his three patients. 

During her stay in the Houses of Healing, Éowyn became troubled by her feelings for Aragorn; when Faramir asked her to marry him, she accepted. Though she was then released from the warden’s care, she remained in the Houses of Healing until her brother Éomer returned to Minas Tirith.  


  1. I see, this explains one of the many the cut scenes in LOTR.

  2. I can't even think about this part anymore without hearing the lovely song that accompanied it in the Extended version of RotK. I was floored when I first heard it all those years ago, and stunned that it was Liv Tyler singing. Her voice was lovely, and truly contributed to this being a work of beauty - soothing, warming, and haunting all at once (how appropriate for Houses of Healing).

    Though given the films' music, I guess that's hardly a surprise. Howards Shore is perhaps my ears' favorite person in the entire world.

    I feel bad for those who only ever watched the theatrical version, and never got around to hearing this gem :(