16 January 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 200: Manwë

Manwë Súlimo, brother of Melkor and spouse of Varda (Elbereth), was the greatest of the Ainur and the mightiest of the Aratar. Of all the Ainur, he is the one dearest to Ilúvatar, best understanding his will and thought. In Arda, his concern was with ideas of wind, air, and clouds; he was fond of birds, especially Eagles. His fana is clothed in blue, like his eyes: his sceptre is of sapphire.

In Eä, he is the King of Arda and Lord of the Valar; he rules with his spouse Varda (Elbereth) in Ilmarin atop the summit of Taiquetil. He was a compassionate ruler, and did not understand evil. It was he who was deceived into unchaining Melkor, resulting in the wars of the Elves and Men against the Darkness.

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  1. Hmm, so this guy is basically the one during Sauron's first darkness who said, "We're going to war against Mordor."?