17 January 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 201: Arvedui

Arvedui (S. ‘Last King’) was the fifteenth and last King of Arthedain (from TA 1964-74).

Following the death of King Ondoher, and his sons Artamir and Faramir, Arvedui claimed the crown of Gondor (TA 1944), as not only was he the Heir of Elendil, but four years prior he had married Ondoher’s only daughter, Fíriel, who was by Númenorean law the heiress to the throne. Gondor, however, did not accept his claim, and instead granted the Crown to Eärnil II, who promised to provide aid to Arvedui.

By late 1973, Arvedui sought Eärnil’s aid against Angmar, but his fleet came too late. As the winter of TA 1974 approached, the Witch-king descended upon the kingdom and captured Fornost. Arvedui and a few loyal guards managed to escape the attack, seeking the help of the snow-dwellers of Forochel; in March of 1975, Círdan the Shipwright sent a rescue ship to Arvedui’s aid, but a wild storm drove the Elf-ship into a pack of ice, and so the last King of Arthedain was drowned. 

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