09 January 2012

'Hobbit' Auction Reaches Nearly $15,000

A recent auction on TradeMe – which offers an exclusive opportunity to meet Sir Peter Jackson and visit the set of The Hobbit – has closed at $14,490. The auction was part of a fund-raising campaign for Ray Avery’s charity Medicine Mondiale, which designs products and other technologies to help the developing world.

The winner, whose name has not been disclosed, will be allowed to bring a guest to the set, but will be forced to sign a confidentiality agreement and refrain from taking any photos.

TradeMe also held an auction to have the team at Weta Workshop design a cast of the highest bidder’s face, forever suspending their features in time and turning their face into a piece of art. The Workshop, run by Sir Richard Taylor, has created facial casts for a variety of celebrities, including many Lord of the Rings cast members. The auction closed at $1,845.

1 comment:

  1. If I were the winner of that second one, I would've asked if they could make a model of something I picked instead, rather than a facial mold. Maybe Ancalagon crushing Thangorodrim beneath him?