25 January 2012

My Latest Project

This is almost completely unrelated to Tolkien (aside from the concept of writing and story-telling), but it is another one of my projects that I would like to promote just a wee bit.

Before I discovered the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, I had already given my heart to the science fiction genre. Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Daniel Keyes - these were some of the writers who had an influence on me as a child. By the age of eight, I was writing full-length stories of my own - mainly science fiction, but with some thrillers and crime stories here and there (after I discovered local author Stephen King).

Point being: before I set out to become a credible Tolkien Scholar, my dream was to become a well-known and respected author. Additionally, I have always been very passionate about the English language (perhaps too passionate, according to some); hence my newest project: a blog devoted to the English language (spelling, punctuation) and to writing in general.

I will admit that I am a stickler when it comes to spelling and grammar, and in the course of working as a freelance editor/proofreader have been encouraged to pursue teaching. So why not start a blog? In time, I also hope to be able to post some of my original pieces - film and book reviews, nonfiction, fiction, and so on. So for those of you interested in the non-Tolkien side of my career, look no further.

It's gotten off to a fairly lukewarm start; but that is to be expected. For nearly a month, my Twitter following (@TolkienBritta) lingered at seven; and now, a little over six months later, that number has soared to nearly 700. With passion comes success.

It's not much, but it's slowly growing. And the feedback so far has been encouraging. If you're interested in writing or would like to learn more about the English language (especially if English is not your native tongue), then please check out my new blog, Grammar Nazi Britta. (Yes, the name is a little weak; but it's a start.) And the respective Twitter account for that is @i_Britta (like "I, Robot"; not like iPads or iPods).

As always, I appreciate all of the support and encouragement I've received over the past six or seven months.


Britta xx


  1. You're off to a great start Britta, your personality and passion would fit perfect as a teacher in a classroom. You've taken time out of your day to post great blogs which are very interesting and useful. I have no doubt that good things and opportunities to excel your ambition to become a well-known author are in the near future. Thanks again for all the help you've provided me with in just the short time I've known you.

  2. I'm excited to see some of your writing in the future, Britta! :) I'm sure you'll come up with some fantastic stuff (no pressure) ;)

  3. I don't use Twitter myself, but I wish you the best. Keep up the good work :)

  4. Good to see this site going. Good luck with it! There are always writers (points at self) that need a little help in that grammar thing. :)

  5. Thank you, guys! :) Your support is very encouraging, and I hope to be able to finish and share some of my original pieces very soon.