09 January 2012

My Tolkien Collection: The One Ring from MyPrecious

This is the first replica I ever bought, and the one most precious to me (go figure). I was about twelve years old when The Fellowship of the Ring movie was released in theatres. For the next two years, I would ask for some sort of replica for my birthday, Christmas, or any other gift-giving occasion that came up. And each year, I was disappointed when I received no such thing.

However, by the time I hit the eighth grade, I managed to make my birthday and Christmas money last longer, until I had finally saved up enough to purchase one of the more inexpensive items available on the Internet. I turned to My Precious Fantasy Webshop, which offered an affordable replica of the One Ring for just $35 (http://www.myprecious.us/jewelry/one-ring.php). I desperately wanted a Ring of Power, and I wanted one that I could wear with me all the time and not have to worry about losing or being robbed of. I ended up purchasing Frodo's Ring with black lettering.

I wore that thing all throughout high school, only taking it off to shower. As you can see, some of the gold plating is only just starting to wear off (only around the inside, though), after having been worn nonstop for almost four straight years. I still haven't upgraded to a more expensive replica, as this one is just perfect - the details, the craftmanship, the durability; not to mention, it came in a beautiful velvet pouch.


  1. $35? Jeez, if I had known of this I would've bought one years ago. I didn't search much, but once I saw the several hundred dollar pricetag on some site or other I just said nooo. Always wanted one though. It might have even been one of my most desired LotR collectibles. You even got to wear it through school, lucky~

  2. I think I might buy myself one of the sterling silver ones, which are only about $80; even if I had a boatload of money, unless it's my wedding ring, I'm not sure I could justify spending hundreds of dollars on a nicer version. I'm very happy with this one, and most people honestly don't know the difference. The only downside of wearing it to school everyday was that EVERYONE wanted to try it on, touch it, play with it, pretend they were Frodo...It got old very quickly, not to mention it's now probably riddled with germs :(

    But if you're still in the market for a One Ring, definitely look into it! You won't regret it!

  3. Yeah, I understand that. And now there's an idea, getting the One Ring as a wedding ring. Haha, in that case, it would definitely have to be the most expensive one. Although, unless both people were Tolkien fans, I imagine it would be followed by a swift breakup.

    But seriously, that sounds like an pretty cool high school you went to, if people wanted to try it on all the time. I imagine at mine, if I had had one, there would've been one or two people tops who would even know what it was. The people who got me into Tolkien ceased their interest once it became too "popular," thanks to the movies, leaving me alone as a fan. I thought that was silly, but, so it goes.

  4. Yeah, true; maybe an engagement ring, then. Or a birthday present, even. Only some really special occasion would elicit me spending (or allowing someone else to spend) that kind of money on a piece of jewellery.

    There were a lot of kids interested in "geeky" stuff at my high school; but even the people you would least expect surprisingly knew about the films, so they recognised the One Ring around my neck.

    It is silly how people drop their interests simply because "too many other people like them." That's not what it's about :(

  5. I know, it's such a shame too. They really were quite enthusiastic about the series in the beginning. I never would've read the books if they hadn't suddenly started constantly talking about them at lunch, and aroused my curiosity with their descriptions of a vast adventure, ancient evils, and an amazing world.

    Ah well. Ultimately I kind of drifted away from it myself, but never to the point where I actively had no interest anymore.

    And I agree on your other point. A birthday present would probably be the safest option for the more expensive rings. But for $35, I think I could jump right back into the market for a One Ring, at that kind of price :)

  6. My buddy in college proposed to his girlfriend around 2002. (In fact, I literally found out while waiting in line to see the Two Towers with them.) He wanted to inscribe the inside of her ring with the words "My Precious" but...let's just say he lost that argument.

  7. I had a similar version. It was in a display box which lit up when a button was pressed. Like you I also had the Ring of Barahir and Nenya. I also had Vilya and Narya. Finally in the set was a ring "belonging to the Witch-King", which I didn't care for. It had the eye of Sauron emblazoned on it where a gem could've been set, and it felt "wrong"...too "ominous".

    I know that sounds silly but the rings of power were meant to be things of beauty.

    I think I gave them all to a friend when I was moving house overseas and trying to consolidate. He was new to Tolkien and I was tryin to encourage his new love. Plus, as you've said, they weren't expensive.

  8. Xagzan - That is a shame. My best friend in middle school was a huge Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan (not sure if she ever read any of Tolkien's other works), and it was nice to have someone to discuss the books and films with. But she seems to have drifted away from it all since, and sadly, I haven't found a replacement "Tolkien BFF" yet. Without the Internet, I'd be alone in my fandom! :(

    TJ - "My Precious" would have been a great inscription! Too bad it didn't come to pass!

    Jeremiah - I've seen that version of the One Ring, but unfortunately never got around to purchasing it. I found the ring of the Witch-King and Denethor just before they discontinued them. I would've killed for either of them! I agree with your mindset, though: one would expect them all to be beautiful in their own way. Shame you sold them though! Sounds like you had a great collection :)

  9. Hey, thanks for the article on My Precious! We're now My Precious Fantasy Webshop, but our site's the same: www.MyPrecious.us. Britta, love your articles! Keep up the good work!

    If you're still in the market for a silver One Ring, contact me and I can probably swing you a small discount.