14 January 2012

New Photo of Bilbo With Sting

Along with this newly released photo of the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins, writer/producer Philippa Boyens commented on the challenge of adapting Tolkien's original story into a full-length film, stating that, "The story is very much a children's story so deciding how to tell this was one of the first things we had to do."

"Who is the audience? It is very distinctly different, tonally, to Lord of the Rings until the very end and then you begin to see the world of Middle-earth opening up... but, having said that, we felt that it is the same audience [who will come to see the films] and then you start to worry because it is easy to repeat yourself. It is quite a similar journey, you're going from the Shire to a large, dangerous mountain."


  1. This looks like when Bilbo went on his spider killing spree! That part of the book always unnerved me a little. Haha!

  2. First, Avatar: Legend of Korra leaks, now Hobbit photos? Love it.