05 January 2012

New Photo of Martin Freeman as Bilbo

Earlier today, USA Today published a gallery of twelve movie stills (some old and some new) from this year’s upcoming and highly anticipated films – among them, a new photo of Bilbo Baggins (played by Martin Freeman) from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which will hit theatres in 2D, 3D and IMAX this December:


  1. Have you read the Hobbit? If not...


    Any speculation as to what point in the story we are witnessing? *Hitting forehead on table trying to remember details* Ah, maybe when the dwarves are being caught in sacks by the trolls and Bilbo sneaking around? But that's at night, is is not?

  2. It could be after the trolls have turned to stone, though it looks more to me like it could be part of the scene in which Bilbo encounters those giant spiders in Mirkwood. It's a little difficult to speculate right now; maybe we'll get a few more shots soon to help us figure it out.

  3. Yeah, could be after the trolls are turned to stone. Looks a little cheery for Mirkwood though. :) Looking forward to more pics.

  4. Good call; from what we saw of the trailer, making Mirkwood more cheery seems like one alteration PJ definitely wouldn't make :)

  5. On the other hand, though, in Return of the King, for whatever reason, he did end up making Mordor look significantly...brighter, especially towards the end. The Battle of the Morannon in particular took place in broad daylight.

    I wasn't a fan of that myself, and much preferred the blacks, greys, reds, and sickly greens used to portray the place in the first two films, where there wasn't so much light visible in the sky (actually, there was pretty much none).

    Well, I'm hoping Mirkwood doesn't get that same treatment too much.

  6. Yeah, darker Mordor was way better than bright Mordor. I'm sure they won't mess with Mirkwood that badly; but then again, you never know...