08 January 2012

My Tolkien Collection: Rawcliffe Pewter Lord of the Rings Figures

Over the summer, I found this beautiful pewter Théoden (and many other Tolkien characters) in a fantasy gift shop. I ended up getting several others - Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Éowyn vs. the Nazgul - for Christmas.

(Click to enlarge)

Poor Théoden won't slay many foes with a bent sword!

These figures are beautifully handcrafted in the US by Rawcliffe, and are based on the books, not the films. I wanted to start posting some of my collection to help add more variety to my blog, and these guys seemed like a great starting point.

Éowyn and Merry fight the Witch-King

Pippin, Merry, Théoden, and Sam


  1. Haha! Poor Theoden, no wonder he looks a bit forlorn, having a bent blade and all :p

    How many such figurines do you have? I only have what came with the special edition DVDs back in the day (Gollum, the Argonath, and my favorites the Minas Tirith and Morgul models). Plus Anduril, though I guess that isn't really a figurine...

  2. Haha! Thankfully, with a bit of gentle persuasion, I was able to straighten out Théoden's sword. You can sort of tell in the second photo, but not really... (Don't you think he is standing a bit more proudly, though? :P)

    Of the pewter figures, these are the only ones I have so far. I do have those models that came with the extended DVD sets: Gollum and Minas Tirith; I unfortunately did not get my hands on the Argonath bookends in time, though I'm hoping to someday manage to track them down on eBay or at a comic shop.

    I have a few other gems to show off; I'm thinking I'll post a few here and there, and maybe write reviews on any new ones I obtain.

  3. Oh yes, I see it straightened a bit more there now that you mention it. Actually you did quite a good job with that. It looks very straight from that second perspective, and Theoden does indeed look a little livelier.

    Funny story about those bookends though: I accidentally decapitated one soon after getting it. Took the head clean off before I realized it! (So much for "gentle persuasion" on my part, eh?) I managed to make it seem good as new with crazy glue or something, but man, causing such damage to something LotR related, at that time, I nearly died a little inside.

    Well, I'd be interested to see what more you've got stored away.

  4. Oh no! How did you manage to do that? They do seem to be pretty fragile, though; the tower of my Minas Tirith statue is a little wobbly. I've almost knocked it off a few times :(

  5. Ahaa, let's just say it involved a bokken and a lack of attention paid to my surroundings. Really quite embarrassing actually >.< But I lopped that sucker right off, and after that I made sure to take greater care around all those things, especially the Minas Tirith statue. Hope yours stays intact too!

  6. Oh no! Well at least you were able, like you said, to make it look "good as new." At least it wasn't permanently destroyed. That's why I keep all of my delicate or breakable items in a display case. I know it's just a matter of time before Minas Tirith loses a tower, though... Haha.