17 January 2012

Serkis: Smaug Will Be 'Extraordinary'

Actor and motion-capture advocate Andy Serkis took time off from ‘The Hobbit’ – in which he is reprising his role as Gollum and serving as the film’s second unit director – to attend the 2012 Golden Globes. Naturally, questions were asked about the highly-anticipated two-part film, particularly in regards to another exciting character – the dragon Smaug – who will be brought to life via motion capture, in much the same way as Gollum. 

“I can’t give any secrets away, none of those trade secrets,” Serkis responded when asked by MTV News’ Josh Horowitz what the dragon might look like. “I can’t say that because actually it’s still under wraps.”

According to Serkis, Weta Workshop is still working on the dragon’s look, stating that, “It’s still a very secret character that is very closely safeguarded, and it’s still in the design process.”

One thing Andy can tell us about Smaug?

“With an actor like Benedict Cumberbatch playing him, it will be extraordinary.”

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