12 February 2012

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 227: the Rohirrim

The Rohirrim (S. ‘horse-lord people’ or ‘Masters of horses’) were the Riders of Rohan, descended from the Éothéod. As a result of their nobility and the Oath of Eorl, they were friendly to Gondor and aided her against her enemies.

The Rohirrim, who referred to themselves as the Eorlingas (Rohirric: ‘sons of Eorl’) were tall, blond, and fair-faced. They generally lived to about eighty, and even in old age their strength was great. Known for being the best horsemen in all of Middle-earth, the Rohirrim valued their horses above everything else. Their official language, which many of them spoke even into the Fourth Age, was Rohirric, a language which was possibly descended from Adûnaic and thus closely related to Westron. 

The Rohirrim were also known as the Horse-Lords, the Horse-men, the Sons of Eorl, the Horsemen of the North, Forgoil (by the Dunlendings), the Whiteskins (by Orcs), the Riders, and the North-men.

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